A Highland Affirmation

I step carefully to the first rock. Leaning on my bike as a third leg for balance. Turbulent, chaotic whitewater rushes over my feet, through the wheels of my bike and disappears over the edge, crashing onto the rocks below. With all external noise drowned by the roaring cacophony, I find Dr. Seuss’ words softly … Continue reading A Highland Affirmation

My Content Mind

We are one: mind, body and bike. Seeking constant forward motion in pursuit of the endless horizon. The only constant is this union; my wheels turning beneath me powered by the endless rotations of my legs, my tired body accepting the inevitable future and my fulfilled mind, relaxed and happy. The world changes gradually, subtly, … Continue reading My Content Mind


Faster, ever faster. Obsessed with the effort. Consumed by the moment. Undaunted by the pain. Successful before you start. When it all comes together; that is when you can discover yourself, that is when you delve deeper than you knew you were capable of. You are head down smashing out the distance; wind at your … Continue reading Focus


It is here you can listen. “…turn off the voice in your head until you can hear the voices outside it. The shhh of wind in leaves, water trickling over rock… and something more – something that is not for us, for which we have no language, the wordless being of other in which we … Continue reading Listen

A Failed Challenge?

It started out well. It ended well. Incomplete but complete enough. Not quite finished but above and beyond. I was looking for a challenge to motivate some riding. It was dark all the time, it was wet all the time. It was hard to want to go out and ride. I started following @iamTedKing on … Continue reading A Failed Challenge?

Stop time.

Stop time. Time stops. Time passes. Legs spin. Planned stop. Time stops. Focus.Food shop. Follow list. Pack bags. Go.Water tap. Warm layers. Go. Time passes. Legs spin. Stop time is absolutely key in ultra racing. Time spent not moving on the bike accumulates rapidly. Any efforts to ride fast can be wasted by minimal time spent … Continue reading Stop time.

The Commute

A grin spread across my face, my shoulders relaxed. I laughed out loud and yelled with joy! My mind was empty and my soul was free. Happiness. The wind blew in gusts, driving me across the road as my legs continuously spun the pedals. The rain came from the side in huge droplets, freezing any exposed … Continue reading The Commute